Goal Setting, Success, Mindset Mastery & Building Your Vision With Abundance

Did you have a challenging 2021? Are you one of those people who vowed that this year will be different? If you answered yes to these questions, keep reading because at the end of this article, you will learn how to create the life that you want through empowerment, mindset mastery and manifesting abundance.

First, let’s take a look at what you want. Most people struggle to get clear about what they really want, so I’ve listed a few things below to help inspire you when writing your list:

  • To Reset and make a better year than the last
  • Feel more fulfilled and happier
  • Become more financially affluent and prosperous
  • Become healthier
  • Improve your relationships with partner or family

You might already be asking yourself these questions:

  1. How am I going to empower myself to achieve these goals?
  2. How am I going to shift my mindset and master it in a way that I can manage anything that happens around me without fear or anxiety?
  3. How will I live the abundance that I deserve and what do I want that to look and feel like?

Mahatma Ghandi said: “The future depends on what you do today”.

Now, ask yourself this question:

1. What daily habits and skills am I maximising to progress towards my future goals?

If you can’t find an answer, STOP for now and answer this, instead:

2. What can I do today to move me in the direction of the things I want to achieve in the future?

You see, what you do today greatly affects what you will become in the future. Too often people dream of the lives they want and yet they don’t take action to make those dreams become a reality.

Malcolm Gladwell, one of my favourite authors, explains that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything.

Let me ask you again.

Where are you putting in your hours?
Is it relevant to what you want to become in the future?

If the answer is YES, keep going. You’re on the right track.

If NOT, you might want to consider thinking things over.

You see, people who are outliers are non-conventionals but they are living their dreams. They are dedicated to their passion/dream and are willing to put in the dedicated effort. The Universe will guide you to make your dreams a reality, but you are a co-creator with the Universe. You have to do your part.

So, if you want to set yourself for success this year, here are some simple things you can do:

  1. Take time for yourself. Clear your mind. Ask yourself questions about the life you want to experience and the dreams within your heart. Be completely honest with yourself and don’t worry about whether you believe it is realistic or possible for you.
  2. Write down your goals, however big they may seem. Just write them down and embrace it. Feel that you are already living it and experiencing that reality!
  3. Break those goals down into small achievable chunks. Those will be your milestones and your indication that you are getting closer towards your goal along the way.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have greater clarity and this will allow more passion and empowerment to come out.

Feeling scared still? That’s OK. It means you are stretching your comfort zone, and after all – your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die – so it’s best not to stay too ‘comfortable’ for too long.

Begin by achieving one small chunk of your goal, one day at a time. Celebrate one milestone and continue onto the next. You will see how your mindset will shift and see the world from a new perspective.

To make sure you keep motivated and focused towards your goals, I’ve recorded some podcast episodes that will help you to keep going. You may find new episodes in Spotify or iTunes.

Gained value from this post? Comment what you liked best and share a goal that you are now committed to working on!


  1. fatehali

    This blogged helped me so much to stay focused on my goals.

  2. Alex

    I need to ask myself those questions regularly.Have big goals don’t seem as scary anymore.

  3. Sarah

    Absolutely love this blog.👏

  4. Favour Agboola

    very insightful blog! i especially liked the mahatma ghandi quote along the way; and the questions helped me evaluate life decisions

  5. Taslima

    I will definitely be using my time more wisely now and reflect on how I spent each day

  6. jess

    This helps me establish the daily cons I approach myself with! I never really thought about it this way, the questions help me decide if I am making enough effort to master my own goals and what techniques I would need to use. i would love to hear more!

  7. Annabelle

    I love your blogs! so motivational!

  8. Alana

    Love this blog 👏 really useful questions to think about!

  9. zohra

    I loved how you breakdown every struggle in life to be simple and manageable with dedication and the right mindset. I surely have a different better vision after I finished reading this blog.

  10. Olivia

    This blog is so relatable and inspiring

  11. Elise

    Going day by day has always helped me to stay focused on my goals, now I know I’m doing it right!!!!


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