How to Achieve Beyond Your Expectations
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What aspects of your life have you attached the word impossible to?

Maybe you believe it’s impossible to lose weight and be fit. Maybe you’ve had a belief that it’s impossible to find true love. Maybe you had a business idea that you wanted to explore and you tell yourself that it’s not possible for it to really be successful for you.

The word IMPOSSIBLE is very powerful. Our life and experiences are intricately connected with the perspectives we choose to have and how we consistently look at things in each area of our life. When we let our self-doubt or insecurities take precedence, it affects the ways we do everything in our lives.

Now, let’s shift that word and create that space to change it to: I’M POSSIBLE

Remember, everything in life has two forms:
Idea or Thought form
Physical form

Think of the clothes you’re wearing or that bag that you have always wanted. Do you have a house or a car? Or were you able to get your dream job or travel to your dream destination? These things were just once just a thought or ideas, but because you opened your eyes to possibility, you allowed yourself to turn things into physical form. You awakened something within you that turns ideas into physical reality.

We have a habit of using the word “impossible” when we want to describe something that we don’t know how to make possible. We get stuck to the ‘impossible’ which can shutdown resourceful, creative thinking. We must allow ourselves the space to open up to new possibilities. To the idea that things can happen if we want them to. You can be at your peak health. You can find true love. You can make that business idea a reality. The idea that you can create the life you want. Are you allowing yourself to create that space to welcome new possibilities?


If you look at the possibility of you actually being created, being grown in your mother’s womb, being born, and living the life that you are living, statistically, you are a miracle in itself because you are. The statistics would say that it is a near impossibility for you to even be born and yet you are. You are worthy because you are.

Allowing yourself to open up that space to shift from ‘Impossible’ to ‘I’m possible’ enables you to open up a space for possibility whilst bringing your ‘I am’ Divine Source consciousness self which is omnipotent and omniscient. That universal consciousness that can work through us when manifesting things that are far beyond our current reality. It is possible for you to have your dream relationship, business, home, cars, family, friendship circle, finances, spirituality, health and so much more. First, you must open yourself up to the possibility… then allow the manifestations, synchronicities and abundance to flow to and through you knowing that you are worthy of experiencing great things.


  1. Jess

    I’ve never really thought about it this way but things only work if you push yourself but I agree you must open your self up to the possibility.

  2. Elise

    So inspiring!!!!

  3. Tyra

    This article has definitely changed the way I look at things.


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