How to Speak with Confidence and Power

Are you an aspiring public speaker? Or maybe you just want to feel more confident in social situations and gatherings? Or are you being asked to speak more in meetings or during video zoom/conference calls at work/in business and the camera makes your nerves and trembling voice become difficult to hide. If your answer is yes to any of these, this blog is for you and I have something really special that will help you learn how to speak with confidence and power.

According to several studies, public speaking is actually the number one phobia in the world. Public Speaking is something we all find ourselves having to deal with in various situations, even social occasions when our opinion or input is asked for and many are suddenly looking and listening to you.

There are several factors why a lot of people have this fear and that includes our past experiences.

Maybe there was a time when you were called out in front of the class and you misspelt a word or said something incorrectly and your classmates laughed at you.
Maybe there was a time when you joined the school program and forgot the lyrics of the song you’re singing or the dance routine you’ve been practising.
It could also be your experiences within your family household. Maybe some members of the family used to tease you and make fun of you and you grew up thinking it’s normal until you slowly develop that feeling of inferiority.
Often one significant memory, like a business pitch going wrong, a speech or recital where you forget your words or mumble/stutter can turn into an emotional trigger for any future public speaking.

If these resonate with you, I encourage you to read and practise these Powerful Public Speaking Affirmations below to help you speak with greater confidence and power.

I have added some amazing high-frequency music and sound healing along with a recording of the affirmations in Episode 10 of the Siobhan B podcast to help you to deeply relax and rewire your subconscious beliefs within. Listen to this recording over and over again to rewire and transform your public speaking confidence. Remember a key aspect to transforming limiting beliefs is consistently reaffirming empowering beliefs – Listen to the full podcast here.

Enjoy repeating these affirmations for Public Speaking & Greater Confidence:
Repeat these daily for 30 days for greater transformation.

  • I speak with confidence and certainty.
  • My voice is strong and clear.
  • I love to communicate powerfully and touch people’s lives.
  • I add value whenever I speak.
  • The more I speak in public, the more confident I become.
  • I have an excellent career. I am an excellent communicator.\
  • I am great at building rapport with my audience
  • I love to connect with others whenever I speak.
  • I am a powerful and inspiring Speaker
  • Every day I feel more and more confident speaking in front of people.
  • With every communication, I improve my listening and speaking skills.

Enjoy speaking these affirmations out loud. Feel how good it feels to affirm your ability as a public speaker and communicator. For a deeper transformation – Listen to Episode 10 of the Siobhan B podcast – Powerful Public Speaking Affirmations.

Remember, you have the power to transform your confidence and speaking ability. The key is consistency. Practise your speeches/presentations. Visualise them going brilliantly well and affirm regularly that you are a powerful and confident public speaker.

Share with me your journey of public speaking and how you are working on becoming more confident. Let me know in the comments and share which affirmations are most powerful for you.


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