Manifesting Abundance in Your Life
woman manifesting abundance
If you were in control of everything, what would you be doing today? I‘m asking because pretty much everybody’s been praying for an ideal situation but not all of us are able to achieve it so I want to share with you how to manifest abundance and the life you want.

Oftentimes, the things and goals that you want to manifest are affected by two things:

How much you’re allowing those things to become evident and turn into physical experiences or emotional realities in your life
How we release some scarcity and fear that’s blocking our abundance

Before I proceed, I’d like to ask you these three questions first.

What are the goals that we’re setting for this year?
Are we working towards those goals or have we already dropped some of the habits or actions we wanted to create while working towards our New Year’s resolutions?
Or maybe you’ve got certain quarterly and half yearly and yearly goals that you said that you’d like to work towards?

For those of you who might be new to manifesting and welcoming abundance, let me tell you a story of how scarcity is embedded in us at a young age.

Have you ever played the “Musical Chairs?” I’m not sure if it’s called differently in other places, but the concept of that game is that you have a circle of chairs, or a couple of rows of chairs back to back and the children walk around dancing to the music and they’re having fun, and when the music stops, they sit down and then when they sit down, they realise, “Oh, there’s one chair too little so one child is left out!”

That child is then removed from the game and sits on the side while they remove another chair and remove one chair again. The children noticed there’s one more chair that’s been removed, and it means another person is going to be out when the music stops.

Suddenly, the children are dancing less, enjoying it less, and as they’re walking around the room, they’re often just staying close to the chairs and coming from a place of scarcity.

Once these thoughts start penetrating these children’s minds, they are also starting to think of better ways to get a chair, thinking that there will only be one chair left for the winner.

First of all, we have to look at our beliefs around abundance and scarcity. Were you raised being told any or both of these?

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”
“You can’t have everything you want”

These simple phrases that are repeated over and over again although it can come from well meaning or practical reasons, we have to be aware of what beliefs does that instill and how does that manifest? How does that show up in adult life?

If you’ve come from an environment and a society that’s making you feel like you have to compete to be the best, or for a chance to get the promotion to succeed and beat all the others, there’ll be something within us that believes that if I have something, therefore others do not have, or if they have, it means it’s something less that’s available for me to have.

The process of welcoming and allowing abundance allows us to look at what are our limiting beliefs around abundance or scarcity. How can you shift those beliefs? What beliefs did it have and what things did you grow up hearing?

Let’s look at those and reprogram our statement.

If you’re told “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, maybe you can start to affirm to yourself that money is energy and it’s out there, waiting for you to welcome it into your life.

Money is energy and it’s an exchange for service and you can keep bringing more and more service and value in your life and in return you’ll be financially rewarded.

You know positive statements like that are completely changing the perspective from money doesn’t grow on trees.

So if you want to grow your business, or if you are in a career that you want to go to a whole other level, look for ways to bring more value to others.

Example, If you want to be a manager, start behaving as a manager and embody the qualities of a manager, and then the promotion will come. You don’t wait until the promotion happens and then start behaving as a manager would behave. The same with somebody who’s at a certain level of success. You have to start to embody those qualities and conduct yourself in a way as if you already are that CEO, as if you already are that number one business owner.

Set those standards for yourself, show up with those standards and bring that level of value and then see it being returned back to you.

If there are areas of your life where you’re not quite manifesting what you want, look at what limiting beliefs and fears or scarcity you’re holding on to based on the past and start to rewrite those beliefs so you can welcome more abundance.

I look forward to sharing lots more mindset, manifesting abundance empowerment techniques with you and lots of healing work to help you create the life that you truly deserve, so you can live in that vibrational greatness that is the true expression of who you are.


  1. Sarah

    This post really inspired me 🙏

  2. fatehali

    Very interesting and motivational!!

  3. Favour Agboola

    I understand the term money is energy so much better now! I viewed it in so many ways but this exaplains it more and I agree a lot. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Alex

    This has opened my eyes more to manifest in all areas of my life.

  5. Taslima

    I love how we have the ability to change our lives but we just have to change our mindset first. It sounds easy and can be done with the right motivation

  6. Alfie

    My first time reading one of your blogs and I will certainly be back! You may notice my name from your TikTok comments as I’ve been quite active on your page recently, I love what you’re about and how you go about inspiring and empowering others, thank you and keep up the hard work!

  7. John

    Great read Siobhan, one of my biggest goals for this year which I’m currently pursuing is public speaking, for the past few years I’ve always admired those that can do it to such a high standard with masses amounts of confidence as that’s something I’ve lacked, but from the start of 2022 I’ve committed myself to becoming more confident when speaking in front of others, a lot of your TikTok videos has helped with that so I hope there’s more too come as you’re helping me on my journey massively!

  8. Sophie

    I’ve never really been into reading blogs but after reading this one I will definitely be back! in terms of my goals I set a lot at the start of the year and I’ve found myself get back into the same old habits as before which is a shame but I’m finding that watching a lot of videos like the ones you’re doing on Tiktok are helping me a lot to change my mindset in a positive way, I will keep working hard and will hopefully get to where I want to be!

  9. jess

    #inspiraing!!! this is a great way to explain abundance its so understandable now you have explained it in such a a tragedy simple way your words divine the meaning.

  10. Theo

    I LOVE reading blogs! Especially this one, will definitely keep reading any future ones you bring out

  11. Annabelle

    Inspirational! I love this concept and I’ll definitely be putting it into practice!

  12. Alana

    Really inspirational and motivating! Love this 🙏

  13. zohra

    I love how this blog relate to many of us in many different ways. its such an eye opener to very small changes that we need to make to achieve many things we want in life.

  14. Elise

    Absolutely incredible, reading your blogs is giving me motivation to finally make something better for my life.


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