Going from Knowledge to Knowing S1 EP12

There’s a big difference between KNOWLEDGE and KNOWING.

Discover how to take your learnings to a deeper level and truly embody wisdom in your life. 🙏🙏🙏

Join Empowerment, Mindset & Abundance Mindset Coach, Siobhan B, as she shares how we can elevate our mindset from knowledge to knowing.

The Reason WHY So Many Personal Development Courses DON’T WORK S1 EP11

If you want to experience Happiness & Growth in all areas of your life, personal development can be a huge catalyst to create long-term growth & change.
However, too often people purchase courses & products but fall into these simple mistakes discussed in this podcast episode. I’m sure you’ll relate to many of the things I mention – some truths may even be a little difficult to hear. But we need to get honest with ourselves & others if we want to create change.

– Maybe you’ve bought a course but didn’t manage to finish it or maybe you haven’t even got started with it.
– Was the course truly aligned with your values?
– Or did you feel overwhelmed with all the activities or schedules involved?
– Did you blindly buy the programme just because it worked for someone else?

Too often the course gets blamed for your life not ‘changing’, when it may actually be that you haven’t checked in on the key elements discussed in this podcast episode.

Check out this episode to help you to determine whether a programme, course, or product is the right fit for you.

Powerful Public Speaking Affirmations – Speak with Confidence & Power (including High Frequency music & Sound Healing) S1 EP10

When you give a presentation, are you nervous? Do you have a fear of public speaking? Do you find yourself presenting/speaking in online meetings and feeling self-conscious of the camera or worried others are bored when you speak? Do you have a great business idea but when you present it to others, you can’t seem to create the impact and response you want? If so, this is the podcast for you!

Learn how to speak with confidence, power, and passion using these powerful affirmations (along with sound healing and high-frequency music) that will reprogram your subconscious mind, so you can speak with ease, clarity and conviction. This is great affirmation audio to use before you speak on stage/in meetings as well as listening to this on a daily basis to deeply reprogram your subconscious mind and experience transformation.

A Powerful Meditation from Three Magic Words by U. S. Andersen & a Surprising Synchronicity S1 EP9

“All obstacles are an illusion of the mind.”

Join Empowerment, Mindset & Abundance Coach, Siobhan B, as she shares a powerful meditation from the book Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen, as well as a Surprising Synchronicity that occurred during the recording of this episode & the significance of remembering your vibrational, abundant omnipotence.

Discover the power of your thoughts & mindset – realise that the answers to your worries/problems will come at the right time & were merely an illusion of the mind.

IMPOSSIBLE’ to ‘I’M POSSIBLE’ – The Mindset Shift for Success & Empowerment S1 EP8

The word IMPOSSIBLE if seen in a different angle can read as “I’m Possible”.

This is true. The way we see and perceive things directly affects its outcome. The moment we think something is impossible, it really is!

But if we start shifting our minds and ask ourselves, “how can we make things possible?”, everything changes. All the possibilities swirl around us, people that can help us start appearing in our lives, and opportunities from all directions start to manifest.

This is the power of positive thinking and shifting your mindset to abundance. This power is within us all… we just have to choose to believe the things we want and who we want to be is possible.

Are you with me? Type YES below if you agree!

What’s Holding YOU BACK? Transformational Process S1 EP7

Take a moment and answer this question:


We all have fears and self-doubt that can get in the way of actualising our dreams and goals. So take the time with me – listen to this podcast episode which includes a POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS to DISCOVER:

– What’s Holding You Back
– How to get rid of those limitations
– How to awaken to the dreams, desires and life that you really want to experience

Get pens, get paper and go check out this podcast episode for a Powerful Transformation in your life.

Whether you want to attract the love of your life, take your business to a whole other level, have greater health, wealth or friendships – discover what’s getting in your way with this powerful process.

Want to experience an even have greater impact? Play it with headphones!

Share in the comments below what limiting beliefs you want to break through – let’s take this journey together

Powerful Self-Love & Self-Confidence Affirmations & Sound Healing with High Frequency Music S1 EP6

“The world is a reflection of what’s within us.” -Siobhan B.

Experience more love, more self-empowerment, and more abundance in every area of your life with powerful affirmations and sound healing with high-frequency music.

Join Empowerment, Mindset & Abundance Mindset Coach, Siobhan B as she tackles the steps you can take to develop more self-love and help you rewire from deep within.

Loving Yourself More – Be Your Number One Love S1 EP5

We cannot give what we do not have. Until we learn to love ourselves fully, we will repeat cycles of insecurity/fear/self-doubt and often project that onto relationships with others.

Clients I work with are often surprised to discover how many ways this level of self love manifests in other areas of their lives.

Transforming how we love and feel about ourselves from within, is the first step to transforming romantic, personal and business relationships.

Join Empowerment, Mindset & Abundance Mindset Coach, Siobhan B, as she shares how loving yourself can create a huge impact in your life and in the life of others.

Love yourself more and discover your true greatness.

How to Have A Success Mindset and Commit to Your Goals S1 EP4

“Personal development and inner growth is your greatest wealth and asset.” – Siobhan B.

Listen as Siobhan, an Empowerment, Mindset & Abundance Coach, delves into the techniques that you can use to achieve a success mindset and commit to your goals so you can be the best version of yourself.

Learn to be intentional with the actions you take and the things you do today. Remember that these little steps will determine your future – it’s time to discover your full potential.