If you want to experience Happiness & Growth in all areas of your life, personal development can be a huge catalyst to create long-term growth & change.
However, too often people purchase courses & products but fall into these simple mistakes discussed in this podcast episode. I’m sure you’ll relate to many of the things I mention – some truths may even be a little difficult to hear. But we need to get honest with ourselves & others if we want to create change.

– Maybe you’ve bought a course but didn’t manage to finish it or maybe you haven’t even got started with it.
– Was the course truly aligned with your values?
– Or did you feel overwhelmed with all the activities or schedules involved?
– Did you blindly buy the programme just because it worked for someone else?

Too often the course gets blamed for your life not ‘changing’, when it may actually be that you haven’t checked in on the key elements discussed in this podcast episode.

Check out this episode to help you to determine whether a programme, course, or product is the right fit for you.