Take 2022 to a whole other level like no other year you’ve ever had

Happy New Year!

My name is Siobhan B, an Empowerment, Mindset and Abundance Coach and I want to help you take 2022 to a whole other level like no other year you’ve ever had.

Here, we will be talking about many things:

    1. The subconscious beliefs that have been stopping you from flourishing in your relationships, business and personal endeavors.
    2. How to activate your self-confidence and empower you with the right mindset to face any challenges you might encounter this year.
    3. Some amazing affirmations, meditation techniques and sound healing work which I’m really passionate about, particularly crystal singing bowls.
    4. Reprogramming your subconscious mind and clearing old blockages that are getting in the way of your success!

Maybe you had a goal you were working towards and things just kept going wrong. Maybe there’s something in your subconscious that we need to work on to help clear up the blockages, so you can finally become the person that you are destined to be!

I actually started off as an actress when I was younger. I started performing on stages from the age of seven, and started working professionally when I was 11 years old. I was so dedicated and passionate about performing and dancing on stage! When I went to college, I had a really serious back injury that ended my musical theater and performing career.

I wanted to go on stage and do musicals in the West End and that was no longer possible.

To be honest, I went to a really dark place, I had to take up to 20 pills a day to try and control the pain levels and often had to use a walking stick. I was in bed most of the time, struggling to cook for myself or shower.

I ended up spiralling into depression and becoming suicidal. At my darkest points when I felt like I couldn’t carry on, I reached out for professional help. I also started to go online and look at mindset, personal development and self help videos and it really made such a difference.

It showed me how powerful our mindset is, and how we can shift things in our mindset that can literally change our experience of the reality around us and how we perceive the world.

At that time, I noticed day after day that I could get by a little bit more, so I dedicated myself to focus, learn, evolve and grow my mindset so that I could find a new purpose and didn’t have to go to that dark place ever again.

Since then, my father’s passed on, I’ve had career changes, and I even became a single mother unexpectedly. Those challenges in life made me step up to a whole other level that I didn’t expect or think were possible for me.

I know you could be experiencing similar or even worse challenges, which is why I want to help you access the tools and techniques that changed my life so you too can be empowered, find your passion and welcome the abundance that you truly deserve.

I want to help you to allow that to be possible for this year and together, let’s start a new life journey towards our greatest transformation!

Follow my page at Siobhan B and enjoy the posts there. Remember to share this with anyone you know who wants to feel more empowered, confident, master their mindset and experience more abundance in their lives.

In the comments below, feel free to share the challenges you’ve been facing and the roadblocks that you’ve been hitting and let me help you smash through those blockages and unblock the road for your 2022!

I’m so excited to be doing this journey with you and guide you to step into the empowerment, the mindset mastery and the abundance that you truly deserve.

It’s your time to be fully happy! Have a blessed and empowered New Year!


  1. Taslima

    honestly you’re story is so inspiring and really shows that there is light at the end of every tunnel and no matter how big of a setback, you can always persevere through it and succeed!

  2. Alex

    I can relate to this so much, you make this all seem easier then a lot of the other help that is out there. Everyone needs to use your techniques. Amazing!

  3. Sarah

    I faced many challenges in 2021 but I am excited and happy for what 2022 has to offer me!😇💪

  4. fatehali

    very motivational and inspiring !!

  5. Favour Agboola

    happy new year! you are the definition of all the goodness in personal development and hope to see you scaling more and more heights <3 <3 awesome content!

  6. jess

    This whole context is empowering, you have so many techniques id like to try.

  7. Alana

    Really motivational and inspiring 👏🙏

  8. zohra

    its rarely when you find someone you can relate to, its always nice to know that there is someone who went through similar situation in life. what’s powerful about this message is that whatever you go through in life you can always rise up from it. keeps you motivated in life. I love it !!!!

  9. Elise

    You’re so inspiring Siobhan! I’m very glad to have found these blogs!!!


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